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Frank Leslie's Boys of America

Description: A monthly magazine for boys. Each issue contains several feature stories--adventures set in a variety of historical periods and locales--that continue over three to four months. Stories are copiously illustrated with half-page and full-page engravings in addition to the cover illustration. Miscellaneous material at the back of each issue includes a current events column, games and puzzles. 32 pages.
Publisher: Frank Leslie
Place of Publication: New York
Collection ID: RBC ZZ1
Date of First Issue: 1873
Date of Last Issue: 1878
Holdings: ZZ1-10 Nos. 41-46, 50-58
  ZZ1-8 Nos. 1 (2copies), 2 (2 copies), 3, 4
  ZZ1-9 Nos. 5-24, 35-40

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